meet taye

About Us

With a passion to make fashion a canvas for art, we aim for each piece to tell a unique story that you can relate to and be proud to wear. Embrace your individuality with our exclusive creations.

A Letter From Our Founder:

My name is Taylor. I started Taye because after having lived through some extraordinarily difficult circumstances in life, I started meeting other women who had come against some major struggles of their own. And, for me, when we would get together, just being seen by the other women for who I was, not what had happened to me mattered more than anything in this world. 

As I begin to speak to these other women more and more, the same feeling resounded with them. They just wanted to be seen for who they were. 

As an artist for many years, I decided to start painting jackets as a release, something that just gave me joy. At the same time, it was a way to be myself and let other people see more of me. 

The hobby became something more. Everywhere I would wear these jackets, I would get asked where people could get them. As I started to make them for others, people kept acknowledging how they made them feel and what it meant to them to seen in them. 

This is why I started Taye. Taye literally means "to be seen." My hope is that this art can be something women of all ages come to love, something that represents them and something that makes them feel seen - inside and out. 

Each and every jacket is made right here, by me. I have mastered the technique to ensure your jacket will hold up and Im passionate about creating all types that serve all peoples different passions. 

Without going on and on, I would love to hear from you too! Whether you have questions or just want to share your story, please drop me a note via our contact form

I look forward to you sporting your Taye out and about, being seen and showing the world who you are from the inside out!

- Taylor